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RefactorErl Prerelease

Please use the prerelease with ErlangOTP 24 and to try the security checkers!


This is the latest public release of our Erlang source code analyser and refactoring tool, released on 31 August 2020.

The main features are:

The main changes on the tool are listed in the release notes.

If you are new to RefactorErl, you should start by looking at the wiki page of RefactorErl.

Software Requirements

The following software are required to use the tool (newer versions are OK):

Source Packages

The current release is available with three different representations, one is the Mnesia representation, one that uses a C++ graph representation (so called NIF graph) and the new Kyoto Cabinet representation. You can choose between them at startup.

This package contains the source code of the release. Compilation requires only Erlang/OTP and a C++ compiler if you want to use the the NIF graph, the Kyoto Cabinet, and the duplicated code detector. For installation instruction please check the corresponding wiki page.

Download RefactorErl Source in ZIP format

More information

If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, or feature requests, feel free to contact the developers.

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